Su zhou Unitech Polishing Materials Co., LTD, a leading manufacturer of Cerium Oxide polishing powders located in Su Zhou, China. Our company is a high-tech private enterprise integrating r&d, manufacturing, and trade of rare earth polishing powder, with fixed assets of 80 million yuan. Our Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder can provide superior polishing characteristics for various applications from glass. stone to jewelry items.

UNITECH has always taken environmental protection management in the production process as an important task of the enterprise constantly unremitting efforts, all environmental indicators in line with the emission requirements. The company passed iso9001:2015 international Quality management system certification in 2018.

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Wide Applications

Cerium oxide polish is used to repair and polish any glass surfaces to a high luster. UNITECH has been focusing on the production of cerium oxide polish since 2001. Our Cerium oxide polish has wide applications in the High-Performance Polishing of LCD, ophthalmic lenses, watch protective shells, Chrome plating plastic parts, craft glass, High-precision optical glass (such as lanthanide / ZF series of glass), crystal jewelry, and more items.

Our Products

UNITECH is a professional company integrating development, production, and sales. We can offer you the best range of cerium oxide polish products with effective & timely delivery. Our expertise in abrasive particle development and manufacturing technology make us optimize the physical and chemical properties of particles that can develop optimal polishing applications.


  • Reliable Supplier

    UNITECH is a professional supplier that can provide various grades of CeO2 polishing powders to cater to various application requirements.

  • Custom Order

    UNITECH provides a wide range of customized, application-based cerium oxide powder formulations, our products have a tightly controlled particle size distribution and great suspension characteristics to make sure a consistent polishing performance from batch to batch.

  • Custom Package

    Typical and custom packaging is available. You can choose plastic bags packaging, box packaging, or other packaging types you need.

  • Different Standard Grades

    Our Cerium Oxide Polish products are applicable to various standards, including Food, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Grade; Mil Spec (military grade); ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade; Optical Grade, USP and EP/BP and follows applicable ASTM testing standards.

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